mardi 16 octobre 2018

An explosion of cinema

 As I walked out of the Jard’s grass, I saw a strange symbol under my left feet. A blue W. Nevermind, I kept walking on my way. Suddenly, the same symbol appears under my right feet. A blue W ! I was seeking for another figure when I bumped into a woman, I rose my eyes and I was face-off a new blue W on her tote-bag. After meeting all this W I was thinking, what does it mean ? So I decided to follow them.

After a few minutes I discovered a square invaded by blue, it was yelling at me « Make films not war ». I had finally bring to light the sense of those cursed W ! It means « War On Screen »and it  takes place in a theater named « La Comète » . It looked so intriguing, I wanted to be part of it !

I tried to sneak into the crowd in front of what seems to be the entrance of the festival. I caught sight of Bertrand Blier, a famous french director. People were shouting, taking pictures, flash everywhere ! I pulled out of the mob and passed the security check. I walked by a thousand of film posters and one caught my eyes. A movie untitled Cold War directed by « Poweliski », no, « PAW-EL PAW…PAW-LIK-OW-SKI ». Two people defiled next to me and I don’t speak french very good but I hear something like :

« C’était quoi le nom du film ? -Cold War -Et bah c’était vraiment bien ! Bien mieux que le documentaire sur la guerre de la dernière fois. »

There was nothing more to say, I was convinced ! I wanted to see one of this movie which use the camera as a weapon.

Lou Igier & Tess Lanfranchi

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