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Suicide Squad by David Ayer (2016)

Review of Suicide Squad

Hi, if you are here that’s because you want to read a review on Suicide Squad (this movie is directed by David Ayer and went on 4th August 2016). This review will be divided in two parts: a first one without spoils and a second one with “little” spoils. Before we begin, I must tell you that I can’t (as a big fan of DC) remain objective in my way, I would also clarify that I don’t know a lot of things about the art of making a movie so my critique is mainly based on my knowledge of the DC Universe and how I felt the film. Enjoy your reading!

To begin, the film remains consistent in the arrival of the Justice League and is also a continuation of the events that took place in Batman V Superman : Dawn of Justice. We can also enjoy the appearances of some members of the Justice League in some key moments of the film. In the good points, there is also the soundtrack that is a pretty good choice (compared to situations) and the reference to the outfit of Harley Queen of the animated series that can be noticed in the first scene at the airport.

The most important point for me is that Deadshot is too present on the screen compared to the other members of the squad whereas the film is not meant to be his story but that of all the members. Then Will Smith (who plays Deadshot) is not playing Deadshot but Will Smith himself (yes it's complicated to explain), what I mean is that the public doesn't see Deadshot on the screen but Will Smith in his role as a father willing to do anything for his children but the fact is that Deadshot is supposed to be a villain / a mercenary while there is only Will Smith who has a sniper rifle and who wants to protect his daughter. In fact, I was surprised when I saw that the actor who played Deadshot was not the same as in the TV series Arrow as he embodies the Deadshot character in comics much better than Will Smith (after all it’s only my opinion).

The next negative points concern the "new" Joker played by Jared Leto. I think the problem of interpretation of this Joker (who is a bad Joker for me) doesn’t come from the actor but from the scenario: who the hell had the idea of a “hipster Joker”? That is not at all in the mind of the comics (knowing that there are several versions of him, but none like this one). Before continuing, I want to clarify that the Joker and Harley Queen are my favorite villains in the Batman universe so I will be VERY VERY VERY subjective. Then the relationship between the Joker and Harley Queen is NOT GOOD AT ALL compared to the comics (2nd most disappointing point), in fact, in this movie the Joker loves Harley Queen in a "normal" way (dare I say), it is a somehow very basic love, while in the comics he despises her and she always comes back, her love for him is rather "masochistic".

In this film there is a rhythm problem that makes some scenes too long compared to others; the development of the characters in this respect may seem far too short in particular. The beginning of the actual plot comes too early in the film, because we don't know enough about the characters and their "friendly" relationships yet.

Another point that I didn't really understand is: Why did DC want to implement some kind of “Marvel” humor in this film, whereas the difference between DC humor and Marvel’s is what makes them different? I fear also that DC may want to "Marvel-ise" the next movies because Marvel films seem better. I think the problem is that the Marvel Cinematic Universe already has years of advance in his movies (with The Avengers, Thor, Captain America, Iron Man…) whereas DC wants to catch up his late in the DC Cinematic Universe with only 3 movies (Man of Steel, Batman V Superman : Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad).

Let's start with one of the only positive points of the film (yes there are): 
As I said, the film remains consistent in the arrival of the Justice League and is also the continuation of the events in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice because Amanda Waller speaks of the death of Superman at the beginning of the film and about the risks that meta-humans come to attack the White House. Also she gives a confidential file about the future members of the Justice League to Bruce Wayne in the final scene of the film.

Now let’s see the negative points (there are also some):
To return to the Joker, I was hugely disappointed by the fact that he is not sufficiently present in the film compared to what was shown in the teasers.

Slipknot (I actually had to search his name on Google because I couldn’t remember him) is not really introduced. He also has no interest in being present in this film (beside the fact of being a nod to the comics where he died the same way).

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