mardi 6 décembre 2016

« Cabaret » : an eccentric movie

On November the 17th, both classes of 1ère L2 and Terminale L2 went to see the musical drama Cabaret at La Comète. The story was adapted from Christopher Isherwood's short story entitled “Goodbye to Berlin”, published in 1939. The movie was directed in 1972 by the American Bob Fosse and stars, Michael York, Helmut Griem, Joel Grey and international singer Liza Minelli.

The movie was directed in 1972 however the story takes place in the early 1930s. The time gap was barely noticeable since the scenery was related to the context: the rise of Nazism. The story brought a lot of emotion through the relationship story between Sally, the main character and her lover, Brian. The impossible love story between Natalia and Fritz also creates empathy because one of them is a Jew and the current situation in Germany doesn't allow mixed relationships.

The cabaret scenes and the songs sung by Sally also played an important role in the movie because each song was connected to what was happening at the precise moment when we were seeing it on the screen. Furthermore, some of these songs such as “Wilkommen” were known by the assistance and some people were even either quietly whispering the tune or slightly shaking their heads to the rhythm of the music.

Everybody liked the movie in spite of its eccentricity which seems to have delighted the public.


                                                          Matilde Klising and Rosane Kaya, 1L2

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